Nice birthday words

For every person’s birthday, there should be the adequate phrases. But all these phrases will depend on how close we are to that person. We should remember that every individual interprets in a different way what we say and it does not matter if say something funny or beautiful, we must be careful with what we say.

We have lots of sources where to get some nice phrases for our friend, couple or relative’s birthday. There are some cards, some poems, some jokes about age, but most important, there are the feelings we have for that person. Nothing is better than those words that coming form the heart.

happy birthday quote0

Inside every

old person

is a youg


Nice birthday words

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

wish that I could be where you are

to say “Happy Birthday” in person!

Nice birthday words

Happy Birthday!

If candle blowing were

an olympic event,

you’d take the gold!


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