Good birthday message for a special friend

Friends are like family, they are like our brothers or sisters. They are there all the time. We can always count with them. it does not matter the situation. Real friends support each other. When there is something that makes us feel sad, we have a friend to talk about it. When we are happy for something, the first person to know it is a friend.

For all this, it is necessary to have something special to say for our friends’ birthdays. Of course this message should be accompanied by a nice gift! Just remember that this is a special day, and our friends deserve to have all the attention and some nice words in this special day.


Just wanna say…

Across the miles

you’ve brought me smiles

you’ve wipe my tears


althought my voice you have not heard

you’ve listened carefully to my


my feelings

my words.

And I want you t oknow

I’m glad we met

over the net

’cause my heart is

happy deep down inside

and you’re a treasure my friend

and that’s no lie!

Thanks for your friendship!

and thanks for being YOU!


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